David M (dmascellani) wrote,
David M

About Me (or Yes, Virginia, There Is A Sanity Clause)

Dear Virginia,

Hi Virginia, I'm David. And I am a good egg. I am no Superman but I do live in my 'Fortress of Solitude' (which is ironically alarmed because I have nothing worth stealing) in the South Western Suburbs of Sydney.

I'm 51 years old, never married, no kids. Currently, I am unemployed and looking for work. My recent experience has been in IT. But I'm prepared to wash dishes or mop floors. A job is a job. But whatever job it may be that I end up getting- be it manager or maintenance man -I will take it seriously and do it to the best of my ability.

I am left wing intellectual and I love fancy book learnin'. Despite my intellectual leanings, I can change a light bulb. But I usually I have to stop and contemplate the epistemological, existential met physicality of the change for a while.

I might, but prop ably won't, go back to Uni when I'm retired and study some such as Greek Mythology. Some other things that I'm interested in are: Alienation, Beatniks, Comedy, Depression, ESP , Feminism, Gambling Addiction, Humility, Italy, Justice, Kites, Luncheon Meats, Music, Nature, Outsider Art, Poetry, Queer Theory, Religions, Semiotics, Torture, UFOs, Voodoo, Writing, X-ray Spex, YouTube, and Zoom! (The stuff that little cat 'z' had under his hat).

I don't like bullies, bigots, racists, and trolls.

For this livejournal, I will write about whatever takes my fancy. I will try and be as honest as possible (with some fanciful bullshit thrown in for good measure.). Sometimes I will write "you" when I mean "I" and at other times I will use "I” as a literary, rhetorical device and not in reference to the "I" that is "me". And when needed, I will invoke the Sanity Clause (but not the party of the first part) and please don't tell me that there is no Sanity Clause. Because, yes, Virginia, there is indeed a Sanity Clause. You marx my word there is. I will also try and post something on a weekly basis. But no promises.

Cheers and warm regards

PS: Welcome all to my livejournal I hope you all enjoy reading what I write.
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